Casey Trujillo

Casey Trujillo is a visual artist and performer residing in San Francisco, California. He attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies and Theatre Arts. As a performer, he has received professional training in scripted theatre, improvisational theatre, film, vocal arts, competitive speech, and even as a trombonist. However, this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing other art forms such as geometric paintings, dance, and character creations via makeup and costume design. Most recently, he combined his love for costuming, makeup, and performing as a participant & top three winner of Pearl Marrill’s second season of ‘So You Think You Can Lap Dance?’. Currently, Casey is involved in two improv troupes via Leela’s Improv Theatre Company: YUM! and San Francisco’s premier LGBT troupe, LiGhtBrighT. As a performing arts enthusiast, Casey is delighted to be part of the Leela community and looks forward to future performance opportunities.

Member of YUM: January 2015-Present