Dominica Malcolm

Dominica Malcolm
Though she took her first improv workshop back in 2001, Dominica Malcolm has had more consistent improv training from Leela and Improv w/ Marcus in San Francisco since she moved to Oakland in 2014, as well as various instructors who’ve visited the Bay Area through festivals and as guests of local improv theatres. She recently performed at the Hawaii Improv Festival, Improvaganza as an individual performer in a mash up group with performers from across the US and New Zealand.

Prior to her regular improv training, she developed an interest in improv from Canadian and Australian improvisors when living in Australia, was the director of music videos for improv rock group Oil in the Alley in Honolulu, and has a background in writing, publishing, media production, and web development.

As the production manager for YUM, Dominica is your point of contact regarding bookings for shows and festivals.

Member of YUM: April 2015-Present

Visit her personal web site.